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Wood has been used as one of the most reliable materials since prehistoric times. It is easily found in forests and woodlands and its production and processing requires a limited energy in comparison to other modern materials. If the forests are properly maintained, wood is certainly a renewable resource. In addition to this, it also represents one of the most comfortable and the healthiest materials used in residential buildings. 

Owing to its biological, ecological, aesthetic and functional properties, it is one of the best contemporary materials used, and it is also one of the primary materials for a healthy future. One of the properties of wood as a structural material is air exchange with the environment, providing air filtration and purification. If there is a sufficient number of wooden surfaces in the room, unpleasant odors are quickly eliminated and the negative impact of dust, bacteria and positive ions on the air in the room is prevented. Wood humidity is constantly in balance with the amount of humidity in the air, so there is no condensation or dew. Wood temperature equates to the temperature in the rooms, thus naturally regulating indoor climate. Wood provides protection against radiation, which is why it is often used as a covering material. It is a fact that color, texture and the scent of wood positively affect the human psyche. Considering its spatial weight, wood has excellent construction properties and provides a significant freedom in terms of design. It is quite a surprising fact that wood is an extraordinary material in terms of water resistance. Owing to the carbon layer that is generated during combustion, wood has a very low thermal conductivity coefficient, preventing further rapid burning of wood. The main wood disadvantages are its swelling and shrinking, as well as its being prone to rotting which can be eliminated by applying protective coatings. Owing to all the previously mentioned properties, wood carpentry is increasingly becoming the most frequent choice in old town centers and is required by various regulations. The VUpro LLC provides the top-quality wood carpentry installation service tailored to the customers’ needs and requirements on the territory of EU.

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Our company was founded in 2015 and has been expanding ever since. The VUpro Company uses new technological solutions and implements the modern external closing systems, as well as a design with energy efficient eco-friendly materials in cooperation with the leading aluminum and PVC profile manufacturer.

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