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Flexibility in the production and assembly process, meeting the highest standards in terms of comfort and safety, as well as various possibilities construction and design, are the hallmarks of Schüco LivIng, the new PVC system offers multiple advantages in a single product. The basic 82 mm depth profile impresses not only with its new integrated sealing technology, but sets new standards in terms of energy efficiency. Schüco LivIng, a new series of the PVC system for doors and windows, is characterized by a simple, efficient and flexible structure, making the manufacturing and installation processes significantly more reliable. Depending on customer requirements, the system is available with the rebate and the center gasket (AS and MD) options and the possibility of installation of a glass thickness of 24 up to 52 mm. The unique design saves time and money when designing, ordering, manufacturing and during installation. In addition to Schüco LivIng, its new systems for doors and windows, the Schüco Company has launched its EPDM weld-on gasket to the international market for the first time. Developed in cooperation with Semperit, their business partner, the new sealing technology is now available exclusively to Schüco’s business partners. Due to its elasticity, the welded material increases the sealing effect in less accessible areas, while maintaining an attractive design at the same time. The durable, eco-friendly material ensures a tight seal throughout its entire service life, resulting in fewer customer complaints. The EPDM gaskets are resistant to UV radiation and are suitable for all types of climates and buildings at a temperature ranging from -40 up to + 120 ° C. Owing to its 7-chamber profile system, Schüco LivIng achieves outstanding UF values with the basic profile depth of 82 mm: up to 1.1 W / (m²K) with the rebate gasket (AS) option and up to 1.0 W / (m²K) with the center gasket (MD) option. If adhesive vent is used for glass bonding, the maximum UF value amounting to 1.0 W / (m²K) can be achieved for the Schüco LivIng 82 rebate gasket (AS) and 0.96 W / (m²K) for the Schüco LivIng 82 center gasket (MD). This means that it is possible to meet the requirements of a passive house with no additional cost. Schüco LivIng is a complete system offering a vast variety of possibilities. Whether it is about residential or office building projects, newly built houses or upgrades, the new system meets the individual client requirements. The choice of colors meets each requirement, as well, and the exclusive Schüco Automotive Finish Coating technology provides an excellent metallic design.

  • 7-chamber profile designed with an optimized chamber geometry and a 82 mm frame depth provides a high thermal insulation
  • The heat transfer coefficient (UF) is 0.96 W / (m²K)
  • Meets the IFT Rosenheim Institute requirements in the passive house construction sector
  • Glass thickness from 24 mm up to 52 mm
  • 3 top quality EPDM gaskets
  • Increased installation depth provides the maximum safety and burglar resistance
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Schüco AutomotiveFinish Coating technology


VUpro LLC performs the installation of the supreme Schüco PVC carpentry, tailored to the customers’ needs. 

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Our company was founded in 2015 and has been expanding ever since. The VUpro Company uses new technological solutions and implements the modern external closing systems, as well as a design with energy efficient eco-friendly materials in cooperation with the leading aluminum and PVC profile manufacturer.

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