An object, phenomenon or person is modern if their essential characteristics are in line with the times in which we live. The modern times offer a wide range of different technologies making some things which we find difficult to reach simple and accessible. Despite the popular belief that PVC carpentry is bad for the environment, the high quality PVC carpentry proved to be the most environmentally friendly choice on multiple occasions, providing an improved thermal insulation system and a service life of over 50 years. The aluminum carpentry provides an elegant appearance and durability, while the wooden joinery provides warmth and comfort, and this is exactly what the Vupro Company provides by using the cutting-edge technology. Owing to the accuracy, precision and efficiency of highly educated experts, we create top-quality products of a superior aesthetic value.



Naša tvrtka nastaje 2015. godine i uzima sve snažniji mah. Tvrtka VUpro koristi nova tehnološka rješenja, a u suradnji s vodećim proizvođača ALU i PVC profila implementira suvremene sustave vanjskih zatvora i dizajn sa energetski učinkovitim i „eko-friendly“ materijalima.

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